About me

I am currently a PhD candidate in ecology co-advised by Pierre Legendre and Marie-Josée Fortin. I am passionate about community ecology, functional ecology, landscape ecology, and conservation, with a special affection for plants. My research is focused on how plant individuals, populations, and communities respond to environmental changes, including climate warming, forest management, and urbanization. I apply different numerical methods to assess taxonomic and functional changes in plant communities in space and time, as well as to evaluate the causes of these changes. I am motivated by a strong desire to translate my research into knowledge for conservation and policy.

Other involvements

I am also involved as a coordinator of workshops for programming in R and statistics for biodiversity science via the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS), a large research network 120 researchers and ~700 graduate students from 12 universities. Last spring, we organized a 2-day symposium on biodiversity analysis for students, for which I developed a workshop on geospatial analysis and mapping in R. I also collaborated on developing a series of blog posts about using R for spatial data.


2016-now PhD in Ecology
Université de Montréal University of Toronto

2013-2015 MSc in plant ecology
Institut de recherche en biologie végétale Université de Montréal

2010-2013 Honor's BSc in Ecology, biodiversity & evolution
Université de Montréal

Curriculum Vitæ



  Marie-Hélène Brice